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How To Have A Hassle Free Divorce

In today's society marriage and divorce go pretty much hand-in-hand. The divorce rates today are much higher than it use to be and it's a sad but true fact. However it's important to know a few things before you get a divorce. You want a clean break especially if you already have children. Here are few tips you can go through when getting a divorce. Don't Fight If you and your partner decide to get a divorce, it's best that you keep your arguments and fights to a minimum.

Get A Lawyer Consult with a professional lawyer and if you can find a specialised divorce lawyer it will make things easier. Your lawyer will help guide you through all the legalities and you can always ask your lawyer about finances and entitlements. However don't just get any divorce lawyer you should always do your research first before selecting a lawyer.

Ask around, do research on the internet, read magazines, there's plenty of ways to find a good divorce lawyer. Finances This is often the most heart wrenching bit of a divorce, diving assets. If you have any financial records this is the time to show them to your lawyer. You'll have to include all income, profits, and even debts that you've accumulated during your marriage. Any debts that are shared must be settled.

Lastly if you have children you'll have to provide proof of financial support that you've given your children. Time Frame It's usually the case that you wait around 6 months to 3 years before you get the chance of a hearing. Getting a divorce is a long and pain staking process and involves a lot of time and money and the time frame will vary from state to state.

Custody If you already have children then you'll need to fight or agree on custody. This is another huge part of a divorce and if it's a shared custody you don't need to worry about going to court as much. However the worse case scenario is that you have to fight for custody and this can take even longer and the costs are more.

Litigation, Mediation & Collaboration There are only 3 ways to getting a divorce. The first is litigation where each party hires their own lawyer to prepare all documents, hearings and also to negotiate the settlements. The two parties do not have any contact with each other and let their lawyers do the talking. Mediation involves a single neutral attorney where both parties sit down together to work out the terms of settlement.

When it comes to settlement, both parties will hire their own lawyers to handle the matter. Mediation is a more cost effective solution to a divorce and is more pleasant. Finally, collaboration is have both parties hire their own lawyer and having them both work together to agree and settle. It's also another cheaper solution and will reduce the stress of going through a divorce.

Counselling If you're going though a tough time, you may want to think of seeing a marriage counsellor. I may help with the break up and can also help your mentally and emotional handle the divorce better.

Find the top 4 Marriage Counselling websites compared and reviewed side-by-side. Its fast, easy and free.

How To Have A Hassle Free Divorce

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