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You Have Nothing To Say, Get Her Number Right Away
by David DeAngelo

What should a guy do when he runs into an "uncomfortable silence" during a conversation with a woman?

Just make sure that when there is a silence in the conversation you don't act weird about it.

In fact, it can be great to let there be a silence every once in a while. When you act totally cool and calm, it puts pressure on her to keep things going.

As for body language, you can just turn away and lean back for a few moments. As long as you're not acting nervous, this can create a powerful and magnetic situation.


Do you have any advice on meeting women online? How do you go from chatting online to chatting on the phone?

That's an interesting question, and the answer is actually pretty simple. Don't wait very long to get on the phone.

Just like most guys are afraid to ask women for their phone numbers in person, most guys online are too reluctant to take steps to get a woman on the telephone because they're afraid of getting rejected and losing their chances for good.

If a woman is having fun chatting with you, just say, "Okay, it's time for me to go, but let's talk later like normal people do on the phone. I want to see if you can keep this up when we're actually talking "live," etc.

Women will often say, "I don't talk to people I meet on the Internet." You want to hear this as soon as possible, because a lot of women won't talk to you no matter what you do.

It's better to find out sooner than later.

And if she's interested, but not ready for a phone conversation, she'll probably say, "Let's talk online some more first," etc.

Get her on the phone sooner rather than later, or you'll wind up wasting a lot of time chatting and little time progressing.

I'd also like to mention that the Internet is a great place to practice talking to women. You don't have to meet women that you chat with online... it can just be a fun way to meet new people and practice your humor and conversation skills.


If a woman likes a man, how likely is she to give him her phone number or e-mail address?

Well, this is going to sound simple, and it is.

The first thing you need to understand is that if a woman likes you, then she's very likely to give you her phone number, e-mail address, or whatever. I even know a guy who gets women's addresses and a map to their house when he first meets them. Really.

Walk over to the table, say "Hi" to the girl, and then ask her a few questions about herself. Finally, say, "It was nice talking to you. I'm going to get back to my friends."

As you turn to walk away, turn back and say, "Hey! Do you have a mobile phone?" If she says "yes," then give her a pen and say, "Write down your number, I'd like to talk to you again."

It really is that simple.

You need to do that about 100 times in the next month.

You'll learn so much that you won't believe it. Do it!


How long should a guy use the Cocky & Funny technique when he is talking with a woman? Is there a point where he should ease up?

If you start off the interaction with a woman in the right way, you'll form a "first impression" that will cause her to see anything you do from then on in the context of the Cocky & Funny attitude that you've demonstrated.

I personally think it's a good idea if you keep up the Cocky & Funny, easing off slowly as the conversation goes on. But don't stop entirely because, at some point, you'll begin to lose the magnetic challenge that worked for you in the first place.

This is another reminder that once a woman thinks of you in a particular way, she's likely to think of you in that way for a long time.

And if you start out by acting like a wuss, then she's going to assume that you will always act like one, and run.

About the Author
David DeAngelo is the author of the book Double Your Dating: What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women, and several other products that can help men become more successful with women and dating. He also publishes a free online Dating Tips newsletter, available at

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