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Small Man Takes Beauty In Bar Fight

Ralph is a 24 year old young man who lives in the Southeast. He likes to meet new people, so he frequently goes to bars. He was average height and average build, but he could hold his own. He was not a violent person nor did he look for trouble, but sometimes it managed to find him.

One afternoon after work, Ralph decided he want to have a drink to relax and maybe meet a nice girl. He went to the local bar, where everyone knew him. He sat at the bar and ordered a beer. He was sitting there enjoying the music and drinking his beer when a very nice looking young lady sat beside him. He said hello and she responded.

They started talking and before they knew it, they were having a really good time. Ralph thought what are the odds. As the evening went on a very loud and belligerent guy entered the bar. He had obviously been drinking. He was cursing and asking if anyone had seen his girlfriend Julia. Nobody answered.

Then he looked at the girl with Ralph and said, Julia I have been looking all over for you. Ralph was disappointed that Julia did not tell him she was involved. He just sat there. Julia told the guy you know we broke up months ago, so leave me alone. Ralph got a new ray of hope as he thought, that is why she did not say anything. The guy was persistent and Ralph thought there might be trouble.

He wondered what he would do if the guy tried something, because the guy was pretty big. He stayed calm and at that moment the bar tender intervened. He said look buddy the girl has asked you to leave her alone, if you do not leave I am going to call the police. The guy looked at Ralph as if it was all his fault. Then he turn around and left the bar. Ralph and Julia went back to their conversation and they thought that was the end of it.

As they were leaving the bar that evening, the guy showed again on the outside. Ralph knew there was going to be trouble. The guy said lets go Julia leave that looser. She said no, and he grabbed her arm. Ralph did not see any weapons, so he moved closer to help Julia. He grabbed the guy to make him release her.

The bar tender saw all this and called the police. Ralph and the guy struggled, but the guy had the upper hand. Ralph figured he could at least give Julia time to escape.

The police came and broke the whole thing up. Both guys were scraped up, but Ralph received the worst. The guy was arrested for disorderly conduct. Bars are a great place to socialize and have fun.

You never know who you are going to meet in a bar. Patrons range from the town drunk to the single woman looking to meet someone nice. Most of them maybe strangers, so you do not know where the relationships will take you.

Unfortunately, you must be able to defend yourself when at bars and when exiting. Most bars have security, but once you exit the establishment, you are pretty much on your own. Sometimes people get belligerent when they drink.

They feel need to insult and bother all the people around them. If you participate in this kind of behavior you will find yourself in trouble. If you do not, you still must be prepared to defend yourself. Most people do not go looking for a fight but sometimes the fight comes to them.

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Small Man Takes Beauty In Bar Fight

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