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Three Ways to Get Married at Valentines

Getting married on Valentine's Day can be one of the most romantic decisions you ever make. Nothing is more exciting than choosing the day for lovers to get married. Of course, once the date has been chosen there is still plenty of work to be done.

You will need to plan the wedding to make sure that the beauty of the ceremony lives up to the day you have chosen to take your relationship to the next step. The following ideas range from traditional to unique and will be sure to please most couples choosing to wed on this special day. Las Vegas/Elope Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. For this reason, there will be some people who would rather be whisked away to another location, be it Las Vegas, or a tropical destination, where they can get married on their own. If you do this you can begin your Honeymoon immediately and once you return home you can have a reception for your friends and family. If you are hoping to have a private ceremony this is a good way to do it.

Additionally, if you are hoping to create some wild wedding memories, there is no better place to go than to Las Vegas. Of course, you should be respectful to family if this is the option you are going to take. A reception, either before or after the wedding, should definitely be held. You might want to consider allowing some close family and friends to come along on your trip. Send out your reception invites before you leave and let everyone in on your decision.

This ensures that there are no hurt feelings when you head off to begin a new phase in your life. Chances are most of your family and friends will be happy for you and they will be thrilled that you let them in on your little secret. Renaissance/Period Nearly every person identifies with a particular period in history. Whether you prefer the long flowing gowns and Victorian feel of the Renaissance or the simplicity of the Ancient periods is up to you. Of course, you may feel more comfortable with the roaring 20's, the disco age of the 70's, or the Woodstock era.

Once you've chosen a period that speaks to you the rest will be as simple as planning a traditional wedding. Luckily, you can find specialty wedding shops that can create dresses from nearly any time period in history. Additionally, if you have a picture of a dress you like many shops can duplicate or create a similar style in a fashion all your own. With a little homework you can fill the area with flowers and colors reminiscent of the time period you have picked. You can also pick out foods and other wedding necessities to further enhance the feel of the time period you have chosen for your special day. Nature If you are opting to have a wedding that is simple in nature and focuses on the beauty that is all around you, then you might want to consider having an outdoor wedding.

A few good options for this would be a wedding in the clearing of a wooded area, at the beach, or at the mountains. All of these possibilities or others would be beautiful. In most locations like this you can set up chairs and a wedding area for the gathering of your guests.

Later your might choose to join together in a building or have your reception set up under tents where you can enjoy the safety allowances the tent provides but still be able to enjoy the natural setting around you. There are many other great wedding options. There have been people married in submarines or in planes.

People have gotten married as they were skydiving or on mountain tops. For the best wedding you can have you should find the one thing you love doing with your partner the most and attempt to get married in that setting. In the end, there will be no finer way to get married then by doing what you love when you say, I do.

Shayla Moore is a writer for She has many intresting topics and ideas for all to read about. Check out more of her articles.

Three Ways to Get Married at Valentines

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